What If every time you said something or wrote something you could predict the behavior of your ideal clients to purchase your services every time? What would that do for your Business & Personal Brand? 

Fill up the quick 5 minute application below to get on my private calendar. If your story gets approved. I will give you $24,000 credit, and you will only pay $999 to get a Featured Interview on 2 Shows: The Carlos Inspire Show and Monday Night Live run by the Los Angeles Tribune. As a Bonus, you will receive a Press Release to be Featured on FOX News in addition to 200 media news sites online in a Way That You Have Never Share Your Story Before. 

Here is what you are going to receive:

✔Get Your Story Hand Crafted so is told in way that connects deeply with your audience.
✔Get Your Story Featured Front Page on The Los Angeles Tribune Online. 
✔Get Your Story Featured on FOX online in addition to 200 news sites.
✔We will help you land a media appearance on a panel of Influencers on Monday Night Live Online on The Los Angeles Tribune. 
✔Get Featured & Interviewed on The Carlos Inspire Show. 

the los angeles tribune
Ongoing 2021 Clients Featured on, FOX, ROKU TV & The Los Angeles Tribune Below !

Imagine being strategically featured all over the Media telling your message in way that has never been done before. What would that do for your business?  Imagine being interviewed On Monday Night Live at LA Tribune, On a Podcast, and on the Front Page at The Los Angeles Tribune online? 

Testimonial  - The Dark Horse of Defi

Testimonial  - Michael Paddilla 

CarlosInspireShow.com - 9/11 Survivor Incredible Story

Invizon - Renewable Corporation

Chris Colt - Influencer - Featured on "Monday Night Live"

David C. - Podcast Host of Peace, Love and Bring a Bat 

Paul Karsko - Serial Entrepreneur

Mon Anthony Era - Social Media Marketer 

Paul Karsko - Serial Entrepreneur

Albert Corey - Serial Entrepreneur Aka The Tax Man

Albert Corey - Serial Entrepreneur Aka The Tax Man

Those are just our clients above from 2021 that were Featured on FOX, MONDAY NIGHT LIVE ROKU TV & THE LOS ANGELES TRIBUNE. 
You are next...

✔We helped them craft their story.

✔We helped them get featured front page on Los Angeles Tribune.

✔We helped them land a media appearance on Monday Night Live Online On LATV featured on ROKY TV and online around the world.

Because of all that...

✔They landed podcast interviews

✔Their business grew along with their brands.

Sean Kanan
Movie Star From Karate Kid 3

GetOnMore Stages.Com

Your Story Matters; and when your story, you give others permission to share theirs.
We GUARANTEE your story to FEATURED or Money back 100% Guaranteed.

What if every time you said something or wrote something you could predict the behavior of your ideal clients to come into your world? What would that do for your Business and Brand? 
I am extremely excited to tell you what it did for Chris, one of our clients that was struggling, burned out, and not able to sell his courses and coaching programs for a very long time. 

We got him strategically featured all over the Media telling his story in way that has never been done before. It comes down to how you tell your story to your audience that makes all the difference in your conversions. 

The reason why people are not buying from you is because you haven’t built enough credibly in your marketplace. 

We got Chris featured on the Front Page Online at The Los Angeles Tribune that have hundreds of thousands of readers coming through their site on a monthly basis. 

That created massive credibility for his brand, which can turn into profitability if you leverage that strategically in your conversations with future potential clients coming into your world.  

We also got Chris Featured on a LIVE SHOW, Monday Night Live on a panel with other influencers at the LA Tribune, and he land a few Podcasts due to that. There are quicker strategies to get clients instead of doing what everyone else is doing wasting time. 

The best part was getting Chris’s text message to me telling me that he had 300 people into his zoom and he got a few dozen sales leading to a six figure payday. That’s priceless. 

I have been Blessed for being paid $50,000 for one of hour of my time to speak at Private Masterminds and Corporate events around the world teaching Human Behavior and what it takes for someone to open their wallets to purchase your products and services. 

I am a student for decades of this game called: Sales and Marketing. They are your Twin Tickets to Freedom. 

You can google me and if you think I am bluffing. I shared the stages with the biggest coaches, gurus and ceo’s on the planet. You will see some of them in the link below and some of our testimonials. 

But as I get older; I want be a Blessing for others who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on strategies that are outdated and doesn’t work anymore in this era we all leave. 

As time goes by, old marketing strategies becomes less and less effective. You must master how to create allure to stand out online so you can share your message with the world and increase your revenues. 

We started a new initiative to give scholarships away of our premiere press media package valued $15,000 for only $999 to feature your story with the rest of the world on multiple platforms in a way that has never been done before. There are power in the words you use when sharing your message and how you use them. 

To apply, click on TELL ME YOUR SOTRY button below or above and answer a few and questions and our will get back to you with further instructions.

And lastly, I will live you with this that I remind myself and others everyday from the last 30 years when I started my entrepreneurial career selling bread on the streets as a 7 year old little boy to help my widowed mother end all the evil that we endured:

 “I believe that we all have dreams and want to believe that deep inside our souls we have a special gift and are here in this earth for something bigger. I believe that the size of that dream, desire or goal doesn’t matter if that is also what you truly believe deep down inside. When is your calling, you know it. I believe that we are all here to make a difference, that all of us have special gift to offer to this world, that we can touch other people in special ways so that we can all make this world a better place. I believe that true happiness starts when everything we do, think and feel comes from a place of gratitude and contribution, not acquisition. Keep sharing your story. Your Message Matters.” 

– Carlos Siqueira

There is Magic on how you use your words.  The unique systems we use have cost us in excess of $6.5M and over 20 years of execution. You will be in for a treat in this experience in sharing your stories and getting featured.

Please read carefully:

NOTE: This is not your typical press and get Feature Podcast. This is a real Branding Elite Program feature that will give you massive credibility that you will use from now on every time you talk to people about your business. This is very exclusive  and will reveal to you a completely new way of executing and sharing your message to accelerate your results. We don't guarantee you to make any income money as everyone is different and this isn't our 250k consulting business growth elite program. This is to give you a massive boost into your Brand and build credibility into your market place.

Our 100% Guarantee

If we don't get your message featured on Fox, The Los Angeles Tribune Online & on the media show. We will fully refund your investment.
  • Being featured on the Media and leveraging this peace of content as an outbound marketing tool allows you to move into dozens of new markets with a highly leveraged ROIT (Return-On-Invested-Time) for your startup, consulting, coaching and speaking business. 
  • ​Creating a perfect, scientifically based “Message-to-Market-Match” helps you prevent potential candidates from shopping around. 
  • ​You can leverage this media package by reaching out other Podcasters and media companies telling them that you just got featured at another platform. 
  • ​It allows to flip the convoluted sales funnel;  business funnel so you don't worry about writing a book or spending 20 hours online posting and using outdated strategies that doesn't work. It allows you to start a better, faster, and newer conversations in your marketplace so you can start talking about your highest services and programs. 



Jay Shetty - 7 Billion Views online holding 
Carlos Siqueira Book, "Work Like An Immigrant."

Meet Carlos Siqueira

Known as the Millionaires Secret Weapon!

Carlos Siqueira is an Inspirational Speaker, Social Media Influencer, and Business Acceleration Strategist, known internationally as the “Mentor of the highest paid coaches, consultants, experts, and speakers in the world.” He began his career at age 7—selling his mother’s bread on the streets of Northern Brazil —and rose to become a number one top selling sales executive and trainer/mentor for Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. 

He is the author of the incredible bestselling book, Work Like An Immigrant: 9 keys to unlock your potential, attain true fulfillment, and build your legacy today. 

After achieving his own dreams, he now mentors other entrepreneurs, celebrities, coaches, consultants, service providers and speakers worldwide to create theirs. His focus is accelerated “Message-to-Market-Match" and finding ways to disrupt the status quo, create a legacy and to live an extraordinary quality of life. With his unique blend of real-world experience, media expert, business insight, high energy and contagious good humor, Carlos helps others achieve personal and professional success and fulfillment they once barely dared to dream! Tony Robbins himself, says on record, if there is one person in the world to give him a run for his money, is Carlos Siqueira.

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